Daniel Defoe kept the first thirty-six years of his life a secret. It is the purpose of this site to set out and explain the life he lived and to discuss it with all those readers who struggle to understand the man behind his fictions.

In these thirty six years Defoe was a soldier and a sailor, a planter in Brazil, a merchant and slave trader along the transatlantic trading routes linking Europe with Africa, and South and North America. Although of humble birth he learnt to hold his own with some of the most powerful men of his time.

On this website we shall introduce you to the many places Defoe visited and stayed. Defoe spent some sixty years of his life living and working in Essex, thirty years in London and twelve years in Brazil. He married in Barbados and his wife was a religious migrant from South Carolina. He visited his mother and sister in America. On this website we will introduce you to the places where he lived and the farmland he worked.

Defoe described real people in his fiction. When he was seventy five years of age, in the period 1719-1724,   and with a remarkable burst of creative energy he wrote about his life in a number of much-loved fictions. We shall show  where these characters lived in their real lives..